Organisations looking to increase sales, enhance customer service and maximise their marketing ROI are having to allocate more resources to their online platforms.


ith consumers spending more time, across multiple channels, brands are also having to monitor their digital strategy more carefully, with much shorter feedback loops to ensure it’s success.

This has lead to a complex ecosystem where merging creative with marketing, automation and analytics is crucial. For those who don’t have in-house dev and analytics teams, the lack of technical resources to integrate these systems (and make sense of the data) often has a negative impact on productivity.  

Clients looked to us as digital partners for a solution. We were expected to do the heavy lifting and synergise the technology with their business goals while creating the best experience for their customers.

Frustratingly, most clients had off the shelf content management systems. These limited our ability to offer a comprehensive solution as these fixed frameworks are not always geared to our client's specific needs.

Often attracted to these CMS’s for their rapid implementation capabilities and ease of use, most weren’t aware of the associated maintenance and hidden integration costs. Popular CMS’s often require security and plugin updates, which when not done regularly could leave customer data vulnerable. These updates often affect website usability, requiring additional input from a developer or designer to keep branding on point.

Our research discovered similar client pain points across organisations, big and small. The key issues were strikingly familiar, rigid frameworks limiting design and CX, overly complex software tools for centralising user data, and additional maintenance with often unforeseen integration costs.

We decided to reinvent the wheel and develop BASE, an in-house platform that’s "light" in terms of usability and maintenance, but rock-solid in terms of technology.

BASE is designed to address client needs and provide the following:
Develop a content management system fit for purpose
Design a simple interface based on needs
Include powerful features to deliver seamless integration
Must be Flexible and secure
Optimised for conversions (UX friendly)
Built-in marketing and automation features minus the complexity
Cater for different messaging (mobile and desktop)
No hidden upkeep costs

Clients benefit by getting exactly what they need and we no longer have to maintain frameworks just to deliver the best user experience.

It might seem like madness developing a new platform with all the technology already available. While off the shelf tech is great for the majority of organisations, we’re solving specific CX and marketing related problems, each with their own unique set of technical and design challenges.

This requires a unique approach with a platform that’s flexible, secure and scalable minus the headaches associated with customising standard frameworks.
If you’re constantly having to work around your technology and finding that its limiting creativity and negatively impacting your revenue and resources, it’s not working for you. Find a solution that’s tailored to your needs, even if it means reinventing the wheel.

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