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Eat great and still lose weight
Creating a lifestyle weight-loss program designed by professionals
About the project
About the project

When searching for a holistic weight-loss program we discovered that none were approved by registered dietitians and were often based on unproven dietary supplements. We found a genuine need for reliable, professional advice around losing weight while enjoying life.

Creating the lifestyle

As partners, we play an integral part in formulating the brand vision while implementing and executing all aspects of the marketing strategy. Our team assists with qualitative and quantitative research, CX strategy and experience design.

ETHNOGRAPHIC and data research

With solid data from our health and fitness website, we embarked on ethnographic research to ascertain if our perceptions (and data) were in fact identifying the need for a clinical weight-loss approach that's also lifestyle driven. Workshops and in person interviews across the fitness, health and weight-loss sectors highlighted a niche in the market that consumers genuinely needed.

DEVELOPING the Livelean Brand

Working closely with registered dietitians, personal trainers, supplement manufacturers and certified life coaches we created the Livelean lifestyle program. The program included online coaching designed to deal with the underlying weight gain and kickstart a healthier lifestyle.

PLANNING and execution

With a detailed persona and customer journey map we rolled out a membership website which included feedback for the 12-week weight-loss program with an e-commerce section for supplements and online coaching sessions. We partnered with other health brands to create video content and cross-industry workshops tackling specific weight-loss issues.

SELLING the lifestyle

The business and marketing strategy centred around customer needs i.e. losing weight and still enjoying life. The program was designed with this in mind and our marketing campaign focused on an achievable lifestyle change. A targeted digital marketing campaign combined with an offline strategy and carefully selected brand ambassadors, promoted different offerings to specific audience demographics.


Always putting customers first and constantly gauging their changing needs enabled us to track and optimise our offering from supplements to food deliveries. Constant feedback from our customers, trainers and external partners allowed us to improve touchpoints across the customer journey and highlight the moments that matter.

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