CX Personified is finally here! This framework will complement our popular BASE digital platform. Together, they are aimed at fulfilling your needs to capitalise on technology, design and improved customers insights in your business.

Our customer-centric frameworks were co-developed with input from clients as well as internal and external consultants. BASE is also constantly being refined to deliver simpler, faster and more engaging customer experiences online, and the CX Personified framework is focused on identifying and addressing gaps in the customer experience.

We have worked closely with external partners to offer an effective solution to an organisation’s business challenges, from marketing and technology, to customer service strategy and improving employee efficiency.

As a bonus to you, we’re giving you free access to the entire CX framework. You can now access this platform to plan and implement different aspects of your customer program, at absolutely no cost! Features include persona and journey mapping templates to planning and design resources.

Whatever you’re looking for, the CX personified framework might just be for you, and it can integrate seamlessly into your existing business strategy.

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