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A design and technical refresh
Developing and designing a modern website that delivers
About the project
Usability, SEO and brand development

The focus of this project was to truly enhance the UX & UI and transform the website into an intuitive experience that showcased Buildchecks offering and services. This was then complemented by further developing the brand design, laying the foundation for the next phase of their online presence.


Creative direction
Creative, brand development and UI design

SEO and content
We worked closely with our clients copywriter to ensure that all website content was in-line with on-line industry searches. Competitor analysis and keyword research combined with customer insights shaped the website's information architecture while our BASE CMS improved usability and the technical aspect of SEO.

SIMPLIFYING and reducing Costs

Moving from WordPress to BASE our custom CMS allowed us to simplify the back-end interface and customise it to our clients needs. By combining content of two websites into a single platform we reduced the web management and eliminated the upkeep associated with WordPress. Our client no longer requires a maintenance contract as there aren't constant security and plugin updates, saving precious time and reducing costs.

Planning for THE FUTURE

Our BASE CMS gives our client the flexibility to not only easily scale the website, it also allows for simple marketing and BI tool integration without additional development costs. BASE grows as your business does with built-in App integration and scalability designed for the future.

THE Results

Since launch, the website bounce rate has decreased by 50%

SERP results jumped to 1st page for selected keywords

Site load speed increased by 30%

Mobile usability moved from 39/100 to 80/100

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