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Personify - to give something lifeless human-like qualities.
Why us

With a deep understanding of human behaviour, our goal is to personify your brand and create solutions your customers will love. Our passion for results is driven by design, technology and deciphering customer behaviour. With a diverse range of expertise from CX and marketing to design and neuro-linguistics, our aim is create long-term, people focused solutions.

What makes us different

By putting people first we solve problems from a human perspective. Our knowledge and expertise gleaned from real world experience is embedded throughout our CX Personified and BASE frameworks, enabling us to create experiences centred around you and your customers. We believe applied creativity, combined with human insights and technology produces great brand experiences and delivers meaningful business results.

What we love

We love people, innovation and solving business problems with research, design and technology. Our commitment to understanding human psychology and its influence on brands is woven through everything we do. We love building websites and mobile apps that convert, we love mapping customer journey's to improve CX and we also love planning and executing measurable marketing campaigns.

How we work

We work closely onsite with you to solve problems by first understanding your business objectives, and matching them to customer expectations. Our CX framework identifies the root cause and provides solutions grounded in solid research, backed by human insights and customer feedback. We then assist with implementation and even execute the crucial parts of the solution for you.

Who we are

Our team of consultants are based in London and Cape Town specialising in customer experience, design, digital marketing and software development. As entrepreneurs with strong digital agency and marketing experience we execute clients strategies with pinpoint accuracy and fine delivery detail, on time and on budget. Our lead team are experienced business coaches, visual designers, customer experience professionals and marketing specialists who have worked with some of the globes biggest brands.

Our wider team specialisms
CX strategy
Brand strategy
Digital transformation
Social & digital marketing
Project management
Research & design
Product Innovation
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